All of our work is embedded in a deep planning process, exemplified by our portfolio of master-planning works. These represent a total footprint of 5,463,800 m2 of designed spaces across multiple typologies from residential compounds to commercial hubs, recreational spaces and touristic complexes. Working with a close understanding of project feasibility and economics, land-use distribution requirements, infrastructure needs and standards and creative planning, our teams deliver coordinated strategies that serve clients needs from the functional to the aesthetic.


As a full-service architectural consultancy, we provide a wide range of scales and services for our architectural clients. Our team is agile and flexible, and able to deliver a full-range from custom, bespoke projects to large scale typologies and development projects. Equally qualified across multiple types: residential, commercial, administrative, hospitality and retail, we deliver innovative solutions of the highest design standard. We believe that good design, coupled by a full understanding of constructability and cost, helps create projects that perform efficiently, are beautiful and are delivered on budget.


Progressive Architects is one of the only practices in the world with in-house award-winning autism design expertise at a global standard. The Autism ASPECTSS® Design Index, the world’s first research-based framework for autism design was authored by Magda Mostafa, Autism Design Associate at Progressive Architects. Since its publication in 2014 it has been used in projects and design studios in 5 continents. Our in-house team, provides full design and autism consultancy services for K-12 and higher education projects, residential, commercial, mixed-use and healthcare. Our services span the entire design process from programming and design guidance, to concept design, design development, construction documents, site supervision and operational guidance. Working in close collaboration with complex teams, we deliver designs that are fully integrated with operational strategies, DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessiblity), smart systems, client visions and the latest autism research.


At Progressive Architects we believe that architecture and design must be a fully integrated endeavor- blending seamlessly across interior and exterior aesthetics. Our interior design team works with a commitment to delivering fully integrated, constructible bespoke interiors that provide a spatial functionality and aesthetic experience to their users. With close consideration of material choices, color palettes, functional needs and technical coordination above all we focus an undivided attention to detail to deliver compelling spatial stories.


Seen as an inseparable part of our commitment to fully contextual design, our landscaping services work hand in hand with our architectural, interior and master-planning strategies. Working with a commitment to economically and environmentally sustainable solutions, our landscape designs are fully integrated across all technical trades ensuring cost-effectiveness, durability, beauty and impact. 


Progressive Architects introduce several BIM services for projects workflow. taking advantage of our high-quality BIM modeling services throughout the lifecycle of the project can improve overall building efficiency by as much as 55% and post-build performance by 35%, while dramatically reducing costs associated with wasted materials, construction inefficiencies, scheduling conflicts and more. We add a big value and quality for our projects by visualizing complex concepts in three dimensions. Provide a real-time analysis and updates on costs, scheduling, and project timelines. We also Manage data across the entire project lifecycle and link data to geometry and hence Mitigating risks at early stages.


To complete our vision of the project, Progressive Architects believes that proper project management and supervision is an integral part of the construction process. As such, we complement our design services with project scheduling, quality assurance and quality control, cost control and value engineering, supervision and procurement programming and post contract DLP services. The services are carried out in close coordination with our leading sub-consultant to fulfil all coordination requirements and optimize the project during construction stage.